XingXing or Stars

They thought that every artist was a Star and so they called themselves the Stars. In 1979, after a decade marked by the Cultural Revolution, a political initiative aimed at strengthening the absolute power of Mao Zedong, a group of young artists XingXing held their … Continue readingXingXing or Stars

Zhang Lian

Our second young Chinese contemporary artist is the painter Zhang Lian, who lives and works in between London and Hangzhou. Highly sensitive and emotional, Zhang Lian skillfully captures, interprets and elaborates the ordinary to reconnect it to the extraordinary and supernatural dimension. Vivid, colorful and … Continue readingZhang Lian

Unearthly – Michael Dopp

Throughout art history, there have always been two focuses or positions on what matters the most in a work of art, especially in painting. Is it content or is it form? At the beginning of the 20th century representatives of Russian avant-garde gave preference to the form, and following … Continue readingUnearthly – Michael Dopp