Noeud – Omar Ba

At Galleria Giuseppe Pero, Milan The research proposed by Omar Ba aims to give rise to a series of reflections on the dramatic political conflicts between the Western world and the African continent that have emerged during the last century. Wars, power struggles, military occupation and exploitation … Continue readingNoeud – Omar Ba

Throat – Zhu Tian

At Lychee One Gallery, London “She was talking to me about the throat. She said that the throat was the only part of the body that could not be strengthened against attack. At least this is what is taught in Kung Fu schools. She had … Continue readingThroat – Zhu Tian

Vivien Zhang

“Some say that my thinking and working process is like collaging. I do think a lot about addition when making a piece of work, but also subtraction and division. Painting is as much about adding paint to the canvas as it’s about taking paint out. … Continue readingVivien Zhang

De Lucchi – De Lucchi

At Galleria Punto sull’Arte, Varese Last Saturday night, us of WoMA had the immense pleasure to meet Michele and Ottorino De Lucchi at the opening of their duo exhibition De Lucchi – De Lucchi, curated by Alessandra Redaelli. The exhibition represents a unique perspective on the artistic research … Continue readingDe Lucchi – De Lucchi