The Blank Interiors – Filippo Armellin

At The Flat – Massimo Carrasi, Milan

The solo show by Filippo Armellin, more than just a static photographic series, appears as a setting of overgrown wilderness that lives and pulsates; it stimulates the viewers’ imaginary, almost inviting them to dive into that excessive nature and to listen to its rustling noises. Located in a spacious basement lit by neon lights, The Blank Interiors puts the viewer at the center of the exhibition ground, wherein the compositions have been displayed along the walls in a way that demarcates the spatial boundaries, but at the same time extends the viewer’s gaze to an elsewhere.

From the press release, one can learn that each piece has been created using different sculptured models of herbs, plants, trees and stones made with paper and metal, which have then been placed on painted backdrops and lands. The acrylics and pigments are explicitly loaded and saturated, intensifying the presence of nature and above all, that sense of overflowing excess, chaos and alienation. In this regard, the presence of several pillars in the gallery further contributes to the overall sense of estrangement, as they cut and obstruct the view, forcing the viewer to search for a fixed point, a point of reference or convergence.

Filippo Armellin has mindfully constructed a staging where multiple dichotomies coexist: stillness and movement, nature and artifice, reality and fiction. And in this staging, the viewer is the one and only protagonist, who is induced to actively engage in an optical and subconscious game that ultimately leads to a sense of profound loss and bewilderment. The impact is far from being just aesthetic or visual, it’s vertiginously experiential, cognitive and personal.

How much are you willing to lose your senses, to explore and to rediscover yourself? You will come to know all this at the exhibition The Blank Interiors.

Anni Wu