Lamberto Teotino

Presso MC2Gallery, Milano Abbiamo avuto l’opportunità di incontrare Lamberto Teotino alla MC2Gallery, durante l’apertura della sua nuova mostra L’ultimo Dio. È stata una grande opportunità per incontrare un artista moderno, controverso ed entusiasta. Facciamo due chiacchere con lui. WoMA: Lamberto, sfogliando il tuo portfolio si … Continue readingLamberto Teotino


At Dust Space, Milan CEILING’S TALK #01 METAMORFOSI opens up the cycle of events curated by Fulvio Ravagnani, aiming to stimulate artists’ reflections on specific subject matters. Starting from the term ‘metamorfosi’ (Italian word for metamorphosis) and in an attempt to surmount its literary, zoological as … Continue readingMetamorfosi

About /77

/77 is an artist-run studio open to collaborations and external projects involving young artists and art students whose work has not been exhibited yet. Let us of WoMA introduce you to this dynamic group of young artists, with whom we had an exchange of ideas … Continue readingAbout /77