XingXing or Stars

They thought that every artist was a Star and so they called themselves the Stars. In 1979, after a decade marked by the Cultural Revolution, a political initiative aimed at strengthening the absolute power of Mao Zedong, a group of young artists XingXing held their … Continue readingXingXing or Stars

Myth or truth – Lu Pingyuan

Lu Pingyuan is a great discovery for us of WoMA. Astonishing, humorous and simply ingenious, Lu Pingyuan is an emerging multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Shanghai. Standing in between fiction and reality, the artist works with videos, installations, paintings and performances, all of which … Continue readingMyth or truth – Lu Pingyuan

Zhu Tian

We are proud to announce our new China Contemporary section ‪on our website. For the launch, we chose Zhu Tian(朱田)as our first young Chinese Contemporary artist to showcase and promote. China-born and London-based, Zhu Tian is a multidisciplinary artist who subverts the everyday and undermines the expected through … Continue readingZhu Tian

Zhang Lian

Our second young Chinese contemporary artist is the painter Zhang Lian, who lives and works in between London and Hangzhou. Highly sensitive and emotional, Zhang Lian skillfully captures, interprets and elaborates the ordinary to reconnect it to the extraordinary and supernatural dimension. Vivid, colorful and … Continue readingZhang Lian

Art is sexy – Wang Xin

Wang Xin is a young Chinese contemporary artist. Her body of works mainly consists of installations, moving images and new media. Unconsciousness, the art world and system, and post-human are keywords in Xin’s art creations. Deeply intrigued by the human mind as well as hypnosis practices, … Continue readingArt is sexy – Wang Xin