Throat – Zhu Tian

At Lychee One Gallery, London “She was talking to me about the throat. She said that the throat was the only part of the body that could not be strengthened against attack. At least this is what is taught in Kung Fu schools. She had … Continue readingThroat – Zhu Tian

Vivien Zhang

“Some say that my thinking and working process is like collaging. I do think a lot about addition when making a piece of work, but also subtraction and division. Painting is as much about adding paint to the canvas as it’s about taking paint out. … Continue readingVivien Zhang

An encounter with three personalities – Yulia Kompaniets

At Galleria Pisacane Arte, Milano Instinctive, dynamic, self-destructive. The works of Yulia Kompaniets reflect the constant mutations of human personality. Her series Reflection. Inside. The scream unearths the dark side of human psyche, especially in regard to fears and “thanatos”, the destructive component and death drive within … Continue readingAn encounter with three personalities – Yulia Kompaniets