Inspire – Masao Yamamoto

The art of photography is thriving nowadays all around the world. Japan is not an exception. During the recent decades the nation enjoyed the emergence of fantastically gifted photographers and photo-bloggers. Masao Yamamoto from Aichi Prefecture can be certainly added to this cohort.

Born in 1957, Masao Yamamoto originally started his career as a painter. Later on he turned to photography, wherein he gained fame and reputation. However, even after entering upon a career of a photographer, he did not completely break with the painting. Contemplating his photo series, one gets the sense that these photographic works are made on the brink between the photography and the painting. Masao gets the desired effect by neatly playing with diverse surfaces, shades, and a multitude of techniques, like using tea to tone the images.

His preference for the small-scale pictures yet emphasizes the delicacy of the images and makes Masao’s photographs resemble antique miniatures, which creates a sense of intimacy and connection between the artist and the visitor.

Masao Yamamoto

The major part of his photographic works includes landscapes, still-lives, and nudes. His works are full of harmony and purity that do not tolerate any extravagances. Considering a camera as his own eyes, with each shot he tries to capture the moment of nature and uncover its visible and hidden treasures. The world pictured on his photographs is silent, – no noises or sounds can distract you from admiring and catching every detail of these minimalistic pieces.

Owing to Masao Yamamoto’s distinctive style that he managed to elaborate during his career and prime photographic skills, he earned wide appraisal around the world. His works are part of museum and private collections, including those in The International Center of Photography in New York, Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and The Sir Elton John Collection.

Pictures: Masao Yamamoto

Natalia Barinova