The celebrated Tuscan artist RUDY PULCINELLI opens the new season at PUNTO SULL’ARTE – at Viale Sant’Antonio 59/61in Varese – with a new solo show in which he presents the premiere of the large installation Risvegli (Awakenings) and nine unexhibited works of various dimensions. There will be a total of 29 … Continua a leggere | Read moreRudy PULCINELLI | FOCUS

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CLAUDIA GIRAUDO‘s figures have long been protagonists not only of PUNTO SULL’ARTE Art Gallery, but of the whole Contemporary Art panorama, to the point that their creator has become an internationally recognizable and appreciated signature. Giraudo is a unique artist who creates in her canvases surreal atmospheres, often playful, … Continua a leggere | Read moreCLAUDIA GIRAUDO | FOCUS

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ART STAYS FESTIVAL 2021 | Kyoji Nagatani, Annalù, Johannes Nielsen

The Japanese master KYOJI NAGATANI, the Italian internationally renowned artist ANNALÙ and the Swedish sculptor JOHANNES NIELSEN known for his bronze sculptures, have been selected to take part in the prestigious Festival of Contemporary Art ART STAYS in Ptuj, Slovenia, from July 8 to September 18, 2021. ART STAYS is one the most important multidisciplinary Festival dedicated … Continua a leggere | Read moreART STAYS FESTIVAL 2021 | Kyoji Nagatani, Annalù, Johannes Nielsen

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